Saturday, 29 September 2012

Man socks

70s men's knitted socks
Marlboro Man

I just love the way this photo has been taken - up the chap's ironed chambray flares with the focus on his 'house socks'. Do you think the photographer could have been under the influence of this album?

curtis mayfield album cover
We'll never know what type of socks Curtis wore beneath his flares

I found the man socks in question in this American sewing guide. It may have been published 35 years ago, but it looks so now with its lowercase Helvetica title:

make it yourself cover
Cute hair, cute jumper, cute mitten, cute expression, rubbish scan

Now, as Jacquard/Fairisle-type socks go, these are quite easy to make. The pattern is embroidered (or Swiss darned, to use the technical term) after you have made the basic sock.

70s men's knitted socks
Three equally 70s designs to choose from

But – as with most sock patterns, double-pointed needles are required. If you're not familiar with this method, why not learn a new skill... in fact here's a guide. It's easy when you know how!

And not forgetting the pattern.

This post has been brought to you by Make It Yourself (Columbia House/New York, 1975).

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

An apple cushion to stitch

apple cushion
The sofa is not bad either

Don't know about you, but with the nights starting to draw in and a harvesty feeling in the air, I'm in the mood to hunker down and embroider a lovely bright apple cushion.

Here it is in all its chain-stitch glory:

apple cushion
From Golden Hands part 55/Vol 4

I'm a big fan of everything about Golden Hands, even the chapter headings:

embroidery logo
Good graphics

The cushion cover is made from a silk linen, which is lovely to work with and has a beautiful texture. The only stitches you'll need are chain stitch, bullion knots and stem stitch, so it's easy-peasy to do.

Even the template is easy on the eye:

apple cushion template
Felt-tip pen on graph paper = pleasing

If you fancy having a go, click here for the full instructions – they're free, naturellement.

For more cushions to make, including instructions on how to make up the actual cushion cover, check out my Make a midcentury cushion post.

As ever, I'd love to hear from you and to see any finished GYCMI projects, so do share in the comments!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

1950s Swedish stitchery

*UPDATE! To see more images from this book, check out my new post More Swedish Stitchery*

1950s Swedish embroidery
Victor Pettersons Bokindustr Aktiebolag, Stockholm 1954

I picked up this sweet 1954 Swedish sewing book, Hemslöjdens Hardarbeten at Greenwich Clocktower Market this morning. I don't understand a word of it Рeven the title, which appears to translate as 'Handiwork Handicraft'.

But who cares – look at the pictures!

Square sunflower
1950s Swedish embroidery hearts
White on black

1950s Swedish embroidery birds

1950s Swedish embroidery  horse
Horses under a strawberry tree

1950s Swedish embroidery colour
A sudden burst of colour

1950s Swedish embroidery birds
Peacock pairs

1950s Swedish embroidery ship
Chapman's clipper

Just wanted to share that with you!

*UPDATE! To see more images from this book, check out my new post More Swedish Stitchery