Monday, 24 June 2013

Tapestry time

vintage 70s wallhanging

When I had time to have a good look through that haul of school library books I mentioned, the first thing that caught my eye was this splendid wallhanging.

And it struck me how rarely I see this type of textile art these days, although I do know for a fact that, as well as a mini one in my flat, there are a few cosifying the walls of a Swedish bakery in London and a restaurant on the Isle of Mull in Scotland, like rugs on a wooden floor.

Appliqu├ęd in linen and felt, rather than woven, the tapestry above is taken from a book with one of the best ever covers:

wallhanging fun cover
First English-language edition, 1970 (Batsford)
And the back ain't bad either:

wallhanging cover back

By and large consigned to dustbins and attics c1979, I think it's time for a wallhanging revival – and if you'd like to join me, I bring you (free) instructions for the wondrous wall warmer at the top of the post. You're welcome!