Friday, 18 January 2013

Let sleeping dogs lie

sleepy dog
All together now – awwww

I was in a junk shop flicking through St Michael Handicraft Gifts (1978), my expectations way down low thanks to its soft-focus satin lavender bag and pot pourri cover, when my eyes fell upon this sleepy corduroy dog. I did a double take and then all but cried at how sweet he is. I know I must be getting sentimental in my old age, but come on LOOK AT HIM, he's even got a heart-shaped nose.

What more is there to say really, except I bet you want to find out how to make him, and have a look at the shape of that nose, so here's the pattern and the instructions. Night night then.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

My first sewing book

my learn to sew book list
She's got a skirt pattern and she's going to use it

While having my customary new-year clear-out, I came across the first sewing book I ever owned: My Learn To Sew Book. Why it had been put in storage I have no idea apart from the fact it's really tatty with a ripped and stained cover and half the pages are falling out. Anyway, what a blast from the past it is...

my learn to sew book cover
By Janet Barbour/illustrated by Belinda Lyon/published by Hamlyn, 1970

The projects are so familiar they're like old friends. Hello Lazy Daisy cat, Polly Dolly, hedgehog pin cushion and inhabitants of the primitive dolls' house:

my learn to sew book
(Not to scale)

And a special welcome back for these stylish lion slippers, I missed you *scroll down for a link to the pattern*

DIY felt slippers 
One of the mane things I like about this book

These lovely illustrations made sewing look fun...

my learn to sew book
Best hairdos ever

my learn to sew book
Ah the memories

Sew (geddit), if you can see yourself lounging about with two lions on your feet, click here for the slippers pattern...

Or, if you are looking for something a little less ostentatious, here's how to make this marvellous money belt:

DIY money belt
Put your money where your belt is

Does this classic kids' book look familiar to you? Or is there another one that got you into making things? Let me know in the comments!