Friday, 18 January 2013

Let sleeping dogs lie

sleepy dog
All together now – awwww

I was in a junk shop flicking through St Michael Handicraft Gifts (1978), my expectations way down low thanks to its soft-focus satin lavender bag and pot pourri cover, when my eyes fell upon this sleepy corduroy dog. I did a double take and then all but cried at how sweet he is. I know I must be getting sentimental in my old age, but come on LOOK AT HIM, he's even got a heart-shaped nose.

What more is there to say really, except I bet you want to find out how to make him, and have a look at the shape of that nose, so here's the pattern and the instructions. Night night then.


  1. there's nothing wrong with recognizing utter cuteness!! :) he's glorious in all his orange cord-ness against that green patterned pillow <3

  2. ...with his matching green collar - so sweeeet

  3. Oh my goodness, he is terribly cute. I may just have to make him...

    1. Hi Emma, yes isn't he? If you do make him I'd love to see a photo! x

  4. this is such a cutie...thanks for sharing!!