Saturday, 21 April 2012

Beautiful buttonholes

 felt flowers

Meet Daisy, Marigold, Pansy and friends, fabulous felt flower brooches... it's as if they're standing in a line waiting to be picked.

Well I'm picking the pansy – what great colours! Handy, because a close-up of it is provided. Wish I could have a better look at the purple crepe (1930s?) dress it's pinned on:

felt pansy

This bunch of flowers is bloomin' simple to make, from felt scraps, needle and thread and optional wire. So liven up the approaching wedding season by ditching the boring corsage and fashioning your very own non-living buttonhole to wear on your lapel, dress collar, or in your hair (after attaching your floral adornment to a hairband or hairclip).

Here's a guide to the shapes you'll need to cut out:

felt flowers pattern
Source: The Complete Book of Handicrafts (Octopus, 1973)

You'll find the proper instructions on how to make this pretty posy, including what to do with the wire and everything, by clicking here.

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