Sunday, 13 May 2012

The sweetest thing in capes

cape top

We're told this 'delightful little 1930s knitted jumper's shoulder cape will stop the tops of your arms getting scorched in the sun'. I don't know – as if we need an excuse to wear a cape. According to the instructions, its main colour is coral and the stripes are grey and light oatmeal – very nice (but for some reason I was picturing red, off-white and blue).

'Will this one do?' the coy headline alongside the back view asks. Oh alright then, I suppose it'll have to...

cape top 2

Taken from the 1981 publication The 30s Family Knitting Book (Jane Waller, Paperduck), in which it is reproduced from a May 1933 edition of Woman's Weekly, it's a bit like thinking about the Land O' Lakes butter with the maiden holding the packet into infinity that did Sally's head in in Mad Men...

land o lakes butter
It's called the Droste effect

The book features 50 knitting patterns taken from popular magazines of the 30s such as My Home, Wife & Home, Good Housekeeping and Woman & Home, interspersed with charming contemporary adverts and other snippets from the editorial pages.

It's hard to imagine a less authentic 1930s-looking family than this uncomfortable trio on the front cover though:

cape top book cover
Where's the fancy-dress party?

Step back to 1933 via 1981 by clicking here and here for the cape jumper instructions. And when you've finished your knitting, Barbara Mole will tell you how much you're supposed to tip when you're on a cruise:

cape top problem
Thank goodness that's sorted


  1. I saw this cape jumper on Ravelry and followed the link here to your blog. I think I'll give it a go! I'll let you know how it turns out when, or if, I make it. Thanks!

  2. Please do! I'd love to see how it turns out. I plan to make it myself one day when I have more time/patience ;-)