Friday, 8 June 2012

Crazy-cute kids' sweaters

kids jumpers
How do you like them apples?

Ah it's June... just around the time I planned on busting out the hotpants, crochet bikinis and cutaway one-pieces (to write about, not wear, I hasten to add). But then I came across these adorable little dudes (with added Labrador) modelling mini fishermen-style sweaters while gatherin' apples, and just had to share the pics and knitting patterns with you...

kids anchor jumper

This little bruiser must be in his 30s by now and is probably mortified by these photos, but I'd love to go back in time and give his cheeks a squeeze. I bet you were eyeing up his cords-and-wellies ensemble in the first picture (I certainly was). And as for his mate's little gingham shirt, what is there to say? Nothing weird about looking to three-to-four-year-old boys for style tips, is there?

kids jumper blue
Sitting on the fence

As you may have gathered, I think these jumpers are pretty darned sweet, but the other great thing about them is that, being a basic T-shape, they're really simple to make (scroll down for links to the free patterns).

The book I found them in, Stitch by Stitch (part 3) was published in 1986, and I can see that year all over the peachy quilted bathroom accessories on the cover – but much of the content, including these dinky sweaters, looks a good few years older than that. I mean collars of this size were not de rigueur in the mid-to-late-80s, even for kids, as far as I remember.

stitch by stitch3
Torstar Books, 1986 (so it says)

I snapped up this, and several other delightful old craft books, on a visit to the National Trust property Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk, where a well-stocked secondhand bookshop adjoining the ticket hall was  doing a roaring trade. (I wasn't more interested in buying books than looking round the house, honest.)

Anyway, if you have a young man in your life (of course a little girl could work these jumpers just as well, dare I say even better), dig out your needles, click here followed by here for the free pattern and GO. These sweet sweaters are so quick to make and I would love to see any finished results.

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