Sunday, 15 July 2012

Highland fling

Last week, I was indulging in my favourite holiday pastime of trawling local charity shops, when Patricia Roberts Knitting Patterns book (1977) caught my eye. Because I was on a chilly island in the north of Scotland, this woolly cape looked like exactly what I wanted to be wearing, despite it being the middle of July:

knitted cape
Poor-quality image but you get the picture
Not just a knitted green cape (or perhaps more of a cloak) but a balaclava hat and floral maxi skirt, pulled together with a Scottie dog brooch. Now this was an outfit I could work with.

The junk-lovers' paradise I'd found myself in was the Blue Door in Kirkwall, Orkney, which changes hands every few months to allow different charities to raise cash.

patricia roberts cover
I don't think it's meant to be rude
As promised on the cover, there really is a design for all the family, including a Fair Isle cardie with teapot motifs for the chain-smokin' man in your life:

patricia roberts car
You light up my life

patricia roberts man's cardie

And I love these gardeners in neckerchiefs and tricoleur bobbly jumpers posing with their tools:

patricia roberts gardeners
Hoe, hoe, hoe
The book's back cover has a little picture of each pattern, mainly alternative views to the ones used inside. I particularly like Hodge, middle row left, and Walking the Dog just above it:

patricia roberts cover back
Published by Book Club Associates, 1977
These days, Patricia Roberts has a posh shop in London's Belgravia selling lovely ladies' and kids' knits – and DIY kits.

If you're heading for cold climes, don't get caught without a cosy cape. Click here for your free knitting pattern.

(All designs © Patricia Roberts, 1977)


  1. ooh, a holiday of charity shop trawling, sounds like heaven! I hope you managed to keep warm on that chilly isle - at least you don't have to deal with swarming clouds of mosquitoes like over here :)

    1. Thanks, it was nice but I had to restrain myself on the buying front because I had hand luggage only! Whereabouts are you these days then Aniko? x

  2. Love the jumper in the second picture. x

    1. Thanks Nina, it's a bit like one of yours. But I realised after posting it that it's quite see-through - a bit risque for a 'family' blog! x

  3. That cloak looks just right for when I get old and eccentric :)

  4. Hehe, I must have reached that stage already!