Thursday, 5 December 2013

Five festive DIY decorations

xmas paper decorations
Group shot

If you're planning on decking your halls the DIY way this festive season, look no further than these wonderful 3D paper angel, bird, star and circle decorations – hard to believe they are 46 years old! 

xmas paper ring one
Star of the show

These wonderful illustrations came from the Paper & Cardboard Modelling section in the back of Children's Britannica encyclopaedia volume 13 (Pacific Islands to Pond Life).  

xmas paper ring two
Star in a box

Each project is signed and dated 'Sheila Perry, 1967', the shading details are great and I just love them. So without further ado, get out your cardboard, glue (and perhaps a bit of glitter), and enjoy a crafty Christmas, 1960s-style. 

Click on the caption/link under each image for instructions.

xmas paper flying bird
Partridge in a pear tree?

xmas paper star

xmas paper circles
Groovy circles

xmas paper angel
Best-dressed angel in town

Happy holidays to one and all! 

Oh, and there's another project in the same series here

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