Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Danish embroidery

A Glad You Could Make It reader who got in touch a while back brought my attention to the work of the 'grand old lady' of Danish craft books, Lis Paludan. Somehow, this inspirational person had passed me by, but a quick Google search and I was eyeing some of the folkiest, most typically seventies pieces of embroidery I'd seen since primary school.

Lis Paludan Easy Embroidery
Published in this country by Mills and Boon, 1970

This is my first Lis Paludan book in what I hope will become a collection. I'm not sure how many were translated into English, but who cares when the pictures are this good?

Lis Paludan houses
Village atmosphere

Lis Paludan smiling butterflies
Smiling butterflies

Lis Paludan bird
If only this was in colour

Lis Paludan tigers
Love those tiger feet

Lis Paludan snail
Snail's pace

Lis Paludan sunflower

lis paludan fish
Creature from the deep

Lis Paludan owl tree
Tree of crazy owls

Lis Paludan owl
Last but not least...

Next on the list, Paludan's finest work, Broderier for Alle...


  1. I want this book! Her embroideries are like illustrations, love them all!

  2. that is so cool