Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Have a cracking Christmas

christmas cracker
False advertising: no knitting, stitching or crochet in this post (artwork from Stitchcraft, December 1973)

For my short-but-hopefully-sweet penultimate post of 2012, I bring you a two festive projects – just in case you have any spare 'making' time over the pre-holiday weekend...

First up, a leafy hanging wreath adorned with an octet of colourful elves...

christmas elf wreath
Which one is Will Ferrell?

To find out what you'll need to make this charming decoration, and how to go about it, click here.

Secondly, a '70s nativity scene featuring all the usual characters and creatures, gathered in the stable...

Christmas nativity
Mary and Joseph look over the moon

The grid's quite nice to look at:

christmas nativity grid
Love the three kings

And the full instructions are here.

Both these festive furbelows are taken from my trusty St Michael Book of Handicrafts (Sundial Books, 1975). I hope you enjoy making them.

Happy holidays to Glad You Could Make It readers around the world!


  1. hello !! i am french and I think that you will like one of my blog here :
    i like the 60's vintage models to !
    have a good christmas

    1. Thanks for your comment. Love the matching jumper family. Joyeux Noël! Elizabeth x