Sunday, 5 February 2012

The owl & the pussycat

Ah, the owl. One of the most overused images of recent years - and this week I plan to overuse it myself – here goes. Check out these adorable patchwork toys:

vintage craft owl

Sadly, there are no pictures of the finished articles in the book, which is this 1974 volume from the geniuses at Golden Hands:

vintage craft patchwork

I'll share some of the other beautiful brightly coloured 70s designs with you another time. Its title page looks like this:

vintage craft birds

As you can see, it cost me the grand sum of £2 (in a charity shop on a day trip to Market Harborough actually).

Anyway, if you fancy trying your hand at making the owl and the pussycat, you'll find the templates here and here. It just gives you the shapes – presumably you have to ad lib the patchwork side of things and the appliqu├ęd/embroidered eyes, but that's half the fun!

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