Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The queen of embroidery

You can't talk about putting birds on things without mentioning the late, great Erica Wilson.

erica wilson

I think you'll agree, the owl-and-tree rocking chair is a knockout. It can be seen in greater detail in The Selby's fascinating glimpse into Ms Wilson and her husband Vladimir Kagan's Manhattan home.

UPDATE: you can actually watch Erica showing us how to stitch the owl right here!

It wasn't just birds this embroidery queen put on things, but bumblebees, hedgehogs, squirrels, kittens and mice (to name but a few). The picture above is taken from this 1978 book based on the BBC TV series Erica on Embroidery:

erica wilson book

It's stuffed full of stitchery projects, one of the highlights of which is this owl/denim shirt embroidery pattern:

erica wilson owl pocket

What's not to love about an embroidered owl peering out of a shirt pocket?

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