Saturday, 4 February 2012

Put a bird on it

OK so I know the putting-birds-on-everything trend is a little, shall we say, old (foxes are the new birds apparently). But there are flocks of our feathered friends just desperate to be set free from my craft book library. So this week I'm going to get at least one bird a day off my bookshelves and up onto the blog. 

First, take a few moments to feast your eyes upon this pretty cross stitch robin on the cover of the Vogue Embroidery Book:

vintage vogue embroidery book

And he's not just any old robin. According to the description inside, he's a Gay redbreast

vintage vogue sewing book

I can't see a year of publication in this lovely Vogue booklet, but I am guessing it's from the 1930s. It's even still got some of the original transfers inside.

Oh and watch this, it's funny!

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