Saturday, 10 March 2012

Five a day

vintage sewing felt fruit jewellery

Tomato, carrot and pear brooches, a strawberry choker and – the pièce de résistance – an apricot adorning the hem of a trouser leg just north of a nice red espadrille. This 3D felt fruit & veg jewellery is fun alright.

vintage sewing felt fruit jewellery

I found these felt foodstuffs in the Golden Hands Book of Popular Crafts from 1973 – pretty rough around the edges and definitely not from a 'smoke-free home' but packed full of '70s goodness:

golden hands popular crafts cover

In case you weren't sure what piece of jewellery is meant to be what, a handy guide is supplied:

black and white fruit

They're really simple to make from scraps of 'zingy'-coloured felt, thread, stuffing, safety pins and optional beads and sequins.

So if you're not getting enough fruit & veg, or you've just got boring trousers, click here for the patterns.

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