Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Land Girl look

In my book, there are few styles as easy on the eye as '1970s-meets-the-1920s/1930s' (see The Boy Friend and the original Great Gatsby film), so this 1979 book by Nancy Vale really floats my boat:

nancy vale knitwear
Copyright: Nancy Vale/Mills & Boon books 1979

As the '70s drew to a close, the expert handknitter was reinterpreting some typical '20s and '30s knitwear, using two (three if you count the man) unmodelly models to show off her finished designs.

The tomboyish 4-ply lumber jacket shown on the front cover is my favourite, even among all the fair isle jumpers, cardies and lace-knit twinsets based on garments from way back when every woman and her dog was a knitter.

nancy vale knitwear

The model's wearing an amazing pair of grey pleated jumbo cords in every picture. I want her look!

nancy vale knitwear

So if you fancy knitting yourself a lovely Land Girl-style lumber jacket (in one of the colour combos on the left perhaps?), here's a link to Nancy Vale's instructions, with part two here and three here. I'm off to dig out a pattern for some cords.

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