Friday, 16 March 2012

Hello sailor

vintage sewing sailor bag
Source: The St Michael Book of Handicrafts for all the Family, 1975

Surely this nautical, rope-handled, hessian-ricrac-appliqué beauty deserves more from life than sitting in a boy's bedroom holding his pyjamas?

Ah if only you could still wander into a branch of M&S and put such a compendium as the St Michael Book of Handicrafts in your basket along with your ready meals and undies:

St Michael Book of Handicrafts

I've been using this book for craft inspiration ever since I picked it up in a Bournemouth charity shop a decade or so ago. The sailor doesn't get a look-in on the cover but the tie-dye horse has made it onto the front and back – maybe he was too tired to move:

St Michael Book of Handicrafts back

Anyway, if you need a fancy new beach bag/swimming bag/shopping bag/library book bag (or OK, pyjama bag), click here for the sailor boy bag pattern, and here and here for the easy peasy instructions.

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